guiding principles

Our investment approach stems from three guiding principles.


We develop a thesis-driven point-of-view that’s complemented by our extensive research.

Deeply Networked:

We provide founders with operational support through deep networks in each of our areas of focus, including GTM and scaling engineering teams.


As the second largest LP in our fund, we are the most risk-aligned institutional investor on the cap table.

Investment Strategy

transforming industries through technology

We invest in groundbreaking products, pioneering new pathways in industries pursuing modernization.

In the coming decade, we predict a surge of vertical software and enabling technology platforms which will drive large-scale productivity improvements, especially across non-tech industries.

We seek to partner with founders with the technical expertise to harness generational technologies like cloud computing and machine learning while possessing the industry know-how to recognize the most significant and solvable opportunities.

Investment Approach

from flexible to continued follow-on

We enhance cap tables with a strong network of operators, offering founders the necessary support to make progress.

  • 01
    Flexible role:

    We can lead, co-lead, or participate

  • 02
    Flexible first check:

    $500k to $1.5M, follow on indefinitely

  • 03
    Focused on early-stage:

    Formation to Series A

  • 04
    Focused portfolio, extensive support:

    2-4 deals/year, allowing us to concentrate our resources and network in helping our founders win.


supporting founders from day one

  • Investment Team
  • Advisors
  • Esteban Reyes
    With 21 years building startups and 10 years investing in them, Esteban co-founded and successfully exited three B2B companies and incubated eight companies with personal capital.
    Esteban Reyes
    General Partner
  • Sol Franco
    Sol was an M&A advisor at Deloitte, where she worked for seven years.
    Sol Franco
  • Chetan Chaudhary
    Chetan is an entrepreneurial executive with a strong history of providing business development leadership.
    Chetan Chaudhary
    Venture Partner
  • Evan Cummack
    Evan is the current CEO of, co-founded by Andrew Kortina & Sam Lessin, and backed by Coatue, Accel, and Slow Ventures. He joined Twilio as the first solutions engineer.
    Evan Cummack
    Venture Partner
  • Jeffrey Dong
    Jeffrey is an investor and research lead at Zenda Capital, responsible for supporting early-stage companies and leading thesis development efforts.
    Jeffrey Dong
    Research & Investments
  • Adam Gross
    Adam Gross
    product-led GTM
  • Drew Lanham
    Drew Lanham
    growth and team building
  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia
    logistics & transportation
  • Harold Giménez
    Harold Giménez
    product, engineering & security
  • James Rowe
    James Rowe
    data science
  • Misha Esipov
    Misha Esipov
  • Raphael Santolin
    Raphael is an investment and research analyst at Zenda Capital, responsible for supporting early-stage companies and leading thesis development efforts.
    Raphael Santolin
    Research & Investments

fellowship program

Our selected fellows get a first-hand glimpse into the world of venture investing by working with the investment team to research and validate industry-specific theses and analyze investment opportunities.
our fellowship